Summer Palace

This color story is a true reflection of the colors of the Summer Palace and other Imperial sites. Rich Reds, Golds, Greens and Jade, set on Ivory or Black and outlined in Metallic Gold with rich shading.

This color story is a tribute to Ming Dynasty porcelain in its traditional shades of blue, as well as some of the more modern interpretations with soft greys and sage green.
Set on soft cream with feature prints on mid blue, all designs are delicately outlined in soft silver and beautifully printed on high thread count cotton in Osaka, Japan.

This color story is reminiscent of Oriental Gardens in Spring with Plum Purples, Golds, Soft Moss Green, Warm Taupes and Creams with a touch of Jade. All are outlined in metallic gold and are impeccably screen printed on high quality fabric in Japan.